Our Story

After being in the corporate seafood world for over a decade, we decided it was time to focus our efforts on our local communities. In our past life, we built ironclad relationships with fishermen all over the world. We brought business directly to docks instead of the man in the middle. Paying fishermen top dollar for their catch, we wanted to drive business to their families. This allowed us to build trust and friendship with our fishermen. Today, we still use the same fishermen from our past, and we have brought their bounty directly to our customers. From family owned docks in New Zealand to some of the greatest folks we have ever met here on our very own South Carolina Coast, we are sharing the best with our hometowns. We want to make cooking a fun adventure for everyone. You just never know what you may find when you walk into one of our stores, but you can be sure you are supporting a fisherman’s family that is grateful.

It starts with family.

We are certainly a family owned and run business.  On any given day, you will find our family of five in one of the stores.  As parents, we wanted to leave behind a legacy for our children, but they are building it right alongside of us.  Caleb, Grace & Maddie are often seen in our stores working the register or packing an order for our customers.  Caleb cannot wait to finish school, as he loves to work.  Grace is quite the entrepreneur as well. She has created her very own line of products using recycled oyster shells. Maddie, the youngest, is in charge.  She is so ambitious to learn everything and do it all herself.  We are blessed to be able to work as a family and have our children be such a huge part of our business.

We love what we do.

Selling fish is our favorite part. With unlimited knowledge about the seafood world, we love educating customers on every aspect.  Seeing the joy on customer’s faces when they see a fish they love is the best feeling in the world.  Getting up and going to work everyday is not a chore, it’s a blessing. We get to work with each other and do what we love.  Sharing the best in our communities, and teaching customers to have fun cooking is what we do, and that is the biggest reward we could ever have hoped for.

Long road to get here.

Opening a high end seafood market in the small town of Clover SC was not an easy task. We originally started by taking preorders throughout the week and delivering them on Fridays. The orders got to be too much for our 220 quart cooler to handle. We eventually decided to open up our physical market a few months later. The whispers and laughter at our concept was a little discouraging. However, we knew that with God in front of us and our family beside us, we could do anything. We began to drown out the noise and push forward.  Six years later, we have customers visiting us from all over the state and even country. We have just opened our third market, and we are still loving what we do. Our passion will never wain, and none of it would be possible without our wonderful customers.



It’s always the season for something. From live blue crabs in the summer, Alaskan halibut in the spring and Nantucket bay scallops in the winter, when the season begins for seafood, we are always onboard.


Did someone say Meat?

Not only do we bring in the freshest seafood, we also carry premium meats. Prime cuts from all over the world. From Spanish Iberico to Japanese A5 Wagyu, we will always have something for you.